Welsh Government to Clamp Down on Landlord Sex Pests

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The Welsh government are clamping down on buy to let landlords who are offering free accommodation in return for sex.

Rogue buy to let landlords in Wales who are offering free accommodation in return for sex will be liable for losing their operating licenses, according to new plans being devised by the Welsh government.

The Welsh government has marked out renting rooms in return for sexual favours as a growing issue. It is currently regarded as being a byproduct of a housing crisis in which young people are unable to find somewhere to live without spending excessive sums on rent or to purchase.

The government has decided that amending the Code of Practice for Rent Smart Wales is the best way to tackle the apparently swiftly growing problem. By advertising to let rooms in exchange for sex a small minority of rogue landlords are exploiting tenants who are in a vulnerable position and in desperate need of housing. It is imperative that this practice is halted for their safety and to avoid further damage to the sector.

Assembly member for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney, Dawn Bowden, recently met with the minister for housing and regeneration in Wales, Rebecca Evans, to express her concern about the issue. In response, Ms Evans pledged  to end ‘these horrendous practices.’

In a letter to Bowden, Evans wrote that she has already instructed officials that they must amend the code of practice for landlords and agents licensed under Rent Smart Wales. The amendments now make it evident that ‘anyone who advertises property for rent with a requirement of sex risks losing their license to operate in Wales.’

In the letter, Evans also discusses the prevalence of the unsavoury and exploitative adverts, saying that she has ‘asked officials to work with advertisers, and others, to find ways to stop these advertisements. I would also like to see an awareness and information campaign to highlight the dangers of replying to such advertisements.’

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