Valentine Friendly Roads Achieve Higher Property Prices

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This Valentine Day sees research show that roads with more positive Valentine themed names achieve higher property prices than those not so romantic.

Estate agent comparison site,, looked at price paid data across five road names for loved up couples and five road names for singles or those not so lucky in love.

The data shows that on average, property across these more positive Valentine themed road names, which include areas with Trust, Love, Couple, Heart, and Kiss within them, sells for an average of £281,468.

In contrast, road names with Single, Lone, Broken, Freedom and Cheat within them are selling for just £250,138 -love 13 per cent less!

What’s a relationship if you don’t have trust? No surprise then that road names with Trust in them top the Valentine property list with an average sold price of £364,562.

After Trust, all you need is Love with these road names ranking second for the highest property price at £340,075, but while being loved up is great, there’s also a lot to be said for being single, with property located in areas with Single in the name going for £331,924 on average.

Couple does follow closely behind though, with an average sold price of £326,037, with Lone (£314,611) and Broken (£242,333), while homes with Heart in the location name sell for £230,500.

Areas with Freedom (£192,322) and Cheat (£169,500) in the name don’t prove quite as popular with the average sold price falling below £200k, while the worst of the lot is Kiss, with homes selling for an average of just £146,167.

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented: ‘Heart-warming to see that overall, road names with a positive Valentine Day theme are selling for more than those without, although perhaps surprising that roads with kiss in the name aren’t as popular with the lowest average sold price of the lot. 

‘Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone though and it’s great to see that this is also the case when it comes to the diversity of the property market, with locations containing single in the name flying the flag with the third-highest sold price.’


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