Upad Data Suggests Enthusiasm for Investment Property Market

Data from Upad has revealed that there continues to be faith in property as an investment strategy for portfolio landlords.

Upad conducted an analysis of its own registration data for the final quarter of 2017. The company saw a 20 per cent overall increase year on year in the number of landlords using its service. Registrations were also up 14 per cent year on year within the first four weeks of 2018.

However, it was landlords holding portfolios of five or more properties who marked the largest growth in registrations. Registrations from this type of landlord were up 56 per cent year on year.

Founder of Upad, James Davis, himself a portfolio landlord commented: ‘Legislative changes introduced by the government in the last couple of years will, no doubt, place doubt in the minds of some accidental and less committed landlords.  It would be foolish, however, to think that those who have made the strategic decision to invest in property would be so easily put off. Residential property as an asset class continues to outperform pensions and when approached with a long-term view, remains a sound investment strategy. The fact that our figures show an increase in landlord registrations simply highlights how serious investors are becoming savvier in the financial management of their portfolios.’

James continued: ‘Landlords with larger portfolios are the most likely to keep abreast of keeping their finances in check and whilst some costs are creeping up following legislative changes, serious landlords are increasingly using the services of an agent such as Upad to remain profitable. The need for quality housing has never been greater and the private rented sector plays a vital role in addressing this. The figures we’re releasing today, therefore, whilst great for Upad, should not really come as any great surprise – they simply demonstrate that serious landlords will continue to review how they can remain competitive in a more challenging market and Upad is clearly addressing that for them.’

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