Top Amenities for Tenants to Park Themselves

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Close proximity to supermarkets and a park or green space are the top amenities for tenant requirements when looking for their ideal rental property.

Tenants have been found to be willing to pay extra for a property near a supermarket and park or green space, according to research by HomeLet.

HomeLet asked UK rental tenants what is most important to them when choosing a property in a new area, as well as identifying the key aspects that would turn them away.

The study found that the top five amenities to have nearby include a supermarket (50.9 per cent), park or green space (46.4 per cent), public transport links (44 per cent), convenience / late night opening shops (29.3 per cent) and bars and pubs (22 per cent).

Over a quarter (27.7 per cent) of residents admitted that they would pay a higher monthly cost if they were able to be closer to a park or green space, and men were more likely to pay more to live near desirable amenities such as supermarkets and public transport link.

However, there are also many off-putting aspects that are deterring tenants from renting in certain areas or properties. High crime rate (70.5 per cent), noisy neighbours (64.2 per cent), sewage works nearby (58.9 per cent), being under a flight path (45.8 per cent) and having a prison nearby (42.7 per cent) all featured in top five reasons to move out of, or avoid moving into, a certain property.

Some negative aspects could be put up with however, if a cheaper rent was the result. The top five negative aspects that people would put up with in this case included living in house/flat number 13 (41.1 per cent), having a graveyard nearby (40.8 per cent), living in an area or on a road with a rude name (39.2 per cent), living next to a motorway (27.8 per cent) and having a phone tower nearby (26.3 per cent).

In fact, with the preference for a park, a graveyard could possibly qualify as a green space, and one respondent felt it could be an ideal location due to the ‘quiet and respectful neighbours’.

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