The Sun Reports Landlord Ordering Tenants to Hoover Oven

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There is many a buy to let landlord that can be fussy, but The Sun newspaper reported yesterday of one with an extensive set of rules.

The Sun reported that tenants renting a two-bedroom flat in Acton, West London feared that they could be evicted if they did not abide by an extensive set of house rules set by their landlord, including vacuuming the oven to clear any soot.

They also claimed to The Sun that their landlord instructed them to dry the inside of the washing machine, along with other rules.

They are not allowed to wear shoes in the house and must keep a sheet over the sofa to prevent any stains.

Their landlord also visits once a month and then lists jobs to be done before his next visit, such as vacuuming behind the wardrobes and under beds.

The tenants, Mathew Smith and Charles Ingles also confirmed to The Sun that their landlord spends around half an hour on each visit checking under beds and in the shower. Matt, a musician, said he also inspects the washing machine and bathroom sink to ensure that they are bone dry.

Despite the fussiness of their landlord, the two friends have stayed renting the £1400 per month flat since July 2017, because as Matt confirmed to The Sun ‘the flat is really nice, that’s why I’ve stayed so long’.

When approached by The Sun to comment the landlord, Thomas Young, insisted that he never advised tenants to hoover the oven, saying: ‘The story is a distorted picture of protocol with my tenants.’

Landlord Demands

Dry inside washing machine

Vacuum oven

Make entire flat ‘no shoe zone’

Keep white sheet over sofa to prevent stains

Vacuum behind wardrobes

Make sure bath/shower is completely dry after use

Do not store shampoo/body lotion on side of bath

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