Tenants Prioritise State of Property

The main thing potential tenants consider when looking to rent a property is the state it is in, according to the latest research from property agents Your Move.

52 per cent consider the state of a property extremely important when making a decision whether to take out a tenancy. However, coming close behind is the tenant’s attitude towards their landlord, with 46 per cent saying it is important to them that they rent from someone reliable.

45 per cent of tenants are seeking value for money, whilst 38 per cent prioritise location. 31 per cent want a property with a parking space, whilst 24 per cent are looking for a low maintenance rental.

Other factors considered by potential tenants include storage space, with 20 per cent stating this as an important consideration, and a garden, at 17 per cent. Named communal space and additional services were important to 10 and 7 per cent of tenants respectively.

Despite the wide variety of tenant demands, the research found a high level of satisfaction amongst participants, with 66 per cent claiming to be either happy or very happy with their living situation. A mere 10 per cent were unhappy, with just 5 claiming to be very unhappy.

Head of lettings at Your Move, Valerie Bannister, said: ‘It’s not just about where you actually live anymore, but also the condition of the property as well as whose roof you’ll be living under, that are collectively important to tenants these days. As the rental sector continues to grow, so do people’s expectations of what a property should offer them and it’s understandable that landlords who present and maintain their properties and who even consider the lifestyles of their prospective tenants will be viewed more favourably than others.’

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