Tenants in Modern Apartment Development Threatened with No Electricity

Tenants in a high end apartment development faced threats from their provider that their communal electricity supply would be cut off, as their rogue landlord failed to pay the bill for several years.

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) left a notice with the tenants who reside in the new Stanmore Place development, located in Letchworth Road, Canons Park. The flats in the residence are valued at approximately £500,000. If the landlord did not immediately pay the bill the tenants in the apartment development would have been left with no communal lighting for the building, no lift, no door entry system and no carpark lighting, according to the sign left by the energy provider.

A resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, spoke out about the issue, saying: ‘I was greeted by legal notice stuck to my flat block main door. What transpires is that A2Dominion had not paid an outstanding electricity bill to SSE for at least four years for the sum of around £1,500. On this occasion they failed to attend to a payment to SSE for the communal electricity supply.’

A2Dominion is the residential property group responsible for the homes that were affected by the bill failure. The group manages almost 37,000 homes across London and southern England and is responsible for many properties within the Stanmore Place development.

However, the group have rebutted claims that the failure to pay the bills was their fault, claiming that instead there had been an administrative mistake and that the bills had been sent to the wrong location.

A spokesman for A2Dominion said: ‘We’re sorry to residents who were alarmed by the legal notices placed in Bletchley Court by SSE, and thanks to those who notified us of them. Some of our electric bills were incorrectly sent to our old address, however this has now been corrected, and all of our bills are now fully up-to-date.’

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