Tenant Pays Out to Remove Landlord Possessions

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A tenant has had to pay out to remove her landlord’s possessions from the buy to let flat she rented.

The flat rented through Purplebricks was found to be full of the landlord’s possessions when the tenant moved, preventing her from fitting in some of her own possessions.

Purplebricks told her to box up all the possessions and store them in the flat. However, the tenant said that the one-bedroom flat was too small. She says she had to take matters into her own hands to resolve the situation because it was clear that ‘remedial action would not be forthcoming from either the landlord or her agents’.

Removal of the possessions cost the tenant £1,241.59, including storage costs and packaging, plus the hours that it took her and her partner to resolve the problem.

She could not then get a response from Purplebricks about deducting the sum from her rent, and has gone on to put in a claim, accompanied by photographic evidence together with photos of her receipts.

The pictures back up the tenant’s claims that the property looked as though it was actually being lived in with items like greeting cards on display. The tenant says that in addition, possessions such as baby bottles and food were left behind.

However, an email has been passed on to the tenant by Purplebricks from the landlord, who has insisted that certain possessions be returned from storage.

These items included a laundry basket, bathroom scales and paintings, with the landlord saying: ‘The property is rented as furnished and these items are part of the furnishings. If she doesn’t want these items in the flat, she can keep them in the storage and pay for it. But I will expect them to be in the flat when her tenancy is completed.’

The tenant has disputed that such items are furniture and says that none of them were in the inventory.

A spokesperson for Purplebricks said: ‘We’re sorry there have been these issues and we’ve been working to support both parties so this situation can be resolved.’

The case goes to show how details of what included in buy to let rental properties should be made clear in the agreement and inventory.

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