Students accused of trashing properties

Broken furniture, stale food, and a hole in the wall are just some examples of damage left to rental properties by students celebrating their exams. One residence even had a coffee table fashioned from a door which had been pulled off its hinges in the house.

The properties, situated in Fallowfield and Withington in Manchester, were found by estate agent Nigel Loughtman, of Tiger Property in Disbury, earlier this month after students had returned home for the summer. Despite these examples of bad conduct, he claimed only 1 per cent of students receive none of their deposit back at all, although only 10 per cent receive all of it.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘Some of the states the properties have been left in are unbelievable. We try to talk to tenants and make sure they understand about returning the property in the state they found it to get their full deposit back but it doesn’t always happen. I would say only one per cent of our student tenants get none of their deposit back at all, but only around 10 per cent get all of it back. On average we charge £70 per student to clean up the property but we have an in-house maintenance team.’

However, Mr Loughtman has heard of far more shocking behaviour. He said: ‘A friend told me three or four years ago that a room inspection found one bedroom had all the furniture removed and instead there was a large inflatable swimming pool which filled the room. It was full and someone had painted a beach scene on the wall and they were throwing pool parties. If that had burst, his room would have been flooded with thousands of litres of water.’

Whilst students have in fact been voted amongst the most reliable forms of tenants, it is necessary to remember the importance of landlord-tenant communication to avoid destructive behavior.

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