Staggering Fine for Rogue Lincoln Landlord

Karen Roe
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A rogue landlord has been fined a staggering £405,000 after allowing his tenants to reside in appalling conditions in a buy to let property.

Landlord Bijan Keshmiri, 59, from Lincoln, was handed the staggering penalty by the city’s magistrates after he admitted to 28 charges. The tenants in the property were living in conditions deemed extremely dangerous by the council. The squalid flats were considered to be ‘not cleanable’ due to a lengthy period of neglect, according to information from City of Lincoln Council.

It is thought that the fine is one of the largest ever to be handed to one individual rogue landlord, according to the council. Keshmiri, of Wragby Road, admitted failing to comply with fire, health and safety standards at his two rental properties in Lincoln. Each of the homes had been converted into flats. One of Keshmiri’s properties was covered in black mould. It also had no fire exits, posing a serious danger to the lives of the tenants who lived inside in the event of a fire.

Another of the landlord’s properties had an exposed hot water supply tank which did not have a lid. In a worrying turn of events, this put tenants at a serious risk of Legionella bacteria infection, according to information from the council.

Magistrates described the properties as being ‘a fire hazard’ and therefore a serious threat to the safety of those who live there. The landlord was sentenced earlier this week, and the harsh penalty reflects the extremely serious nature of the crime.

Council leader Ric Metcalfe spoke out about the landmark case, and the reasoning behind the significant penalty: ‘It’s pleasing to see justice has been served against this offender who has, time and time again, exploited his tenants by making them live in appalling conditions, surrounded by many fire and health hazards.’

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