Sky launches simple solution for communial tv upgrades.

10 October 2013

Residents can enjoy the latest TV technology including Sky Multiscreen and the ability to pause and rewind live TV and record two or more shows at one time.

New technology from Sky is providing landlords and Managing Agents with a simple and cost-effective means of upgrading existing communal TV systems, so that residents are able to enjoy the very latest in TV viewing.

The Single Cable Solution (SCS), which was launched today by Sky at the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) Conference, delivers the two signals required for full Sky+ functionality down an existing single cable system. This allows access to Sky Multiscreen services (the ability to watch Sky in multiple rooms) and provides the capability to pause and rewind, and record two or more shows at one time.

SCS is installed by replacing switch gear at the communal head end, allowing the signal to flow through the existing single-cable, and fitting a ‘smart splitter’ for each flat wanting to upgrade. With no drilling, stripping or re-cabling required, it is virtually free of disruption to the building.

Brendan Hegarty, Head of Sky Communal TV, comments:

“With TV technology advancing so rapidly, many landlords and Managing Agents who previously installed a communal TV system in their block are facing frustration from tenants because they can’t access the latest TV functions and services. SCS is a brilliantly simple solution to this problem, enabling single-feed systems to be fully upgraded without the cost of complicated re-wiring.”

SCS is particularly suitable for situations where cabling is not allowed or internal cabling is inaccessible, such as in conservation or Listed buildings. One such block is Catherine House in London, which was built in the early 1990s and had only a communal terrestrial TV aerial, until recently fitted with a new SCS system.

Emma Beatty, Managing Agent from OM Property Management, comments:

“The residents wanted Sky for better TV content, better customer service and the extra options of having phone and broadband. However, the problem was that we couldn’t have any new external cabling at Catherine House, or any new internal trunking, because the block has a timber frame. We needed a communal TV solution that didn’t require additional cable work.”

Fitting SCS to distribute Sky TV via the block’s existing TV system solved the problem of new cable work and kept disruption to a minimum, whilst providing each resident with access to the benefits of dual-feed TV.

Emma Beatty adds: “The whole process went smoothly and the communication between Sky, OM, the installers and the residents has been very good at every stage.”

SCS is available from Sky approved and specialist installers, with various subsidies available. For further information, visit or call 08442 411337.


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