Scarborough’s Castle and North Bay Landlords late to apply for Licence

Image by Alan Walker

The deadline for applications for landlords situated in parts of Scarborough’s Castle and North Bay wards to apply for a licence as part of the the local council’s new Selective Licensing scheme has now passed. This renders any landlords who failed to complete an application subject to a fine.

Landlords around the Scarborough’s Castle and North Bay wards were permitted until midnight on Sunday 31 December to apply for a licence. Those that failed to do within the time frame allowed now face a £100 penalty charge for late application.

The scheme became compulsory on 1 July 2017 for all privately rented properties in the majority of parts of the two wards. It requires landlords and investors managing the rental properties to apply to the council for a licence. The scheme comes as part of the council’s agenda to improve the standard of accommodation in the areas. They aim to do this by combatting anti-social behaviour and raising more money for the area.

The terms of the new licence requires that landlords meet a number of conditions. These range from providing an existing gas safety certificate for a property with gas as well as offering functioning smoke alarms, additional fire safety measures and safe electrical appliances.

A suitable tenancy agreement in place, as outlined by the terms of the licence, as well as suitable property management.  All licence holders and managers will now be required to prove that they are ‘fit and proper’ persons to operate properties in the buy to let sector. This should prohibit rogue landlords from engaging in criminal activity.

The standard licence fee is £550 for a single household property. If the licence is for a property that contains more than one household an additional licence fee of £100 will be added to the amount already payable. The licence will be valid for five years.

The incentive to invest in the scheme is significant, as buy to let landlords operating unlicensed properties within the Selective Licensing areas could eventually be fined up to £20,000. The local authority’s website has further details enabling landlords to see which streets are covered by the scheme.

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