Scarborough Landlord Found Guilty

Scarborough harbour

A landlord in Scarborough has been found guilty of non-compliance with improvement notices from the council under the housing act 2004, concerning two flats in the town.

Ewan McFerran failed to comply with official improvement notices issued by Scarborough Borough Council which required him to demonstrate that much needed electrical repairs and improvements to the flats he rents out had been completed to a satisfactory and safe standard. He also was required to supply the council with the electrical installation condition reports.

The landlord failed to comply with the improvement notices, leading to the council taking prosecution action against him.

Mr McFerran pleaded guilty to the offences in court and was fined £3,500 for each of the two offences. Added costs contributed to a total judgement of £9,099 against him.

Scarborough Borough Council is working to ensure that all landlords in Scarborough comply with their new selective licensing scheme, which was introduced across the Castle and North Bay areas on 1 July this year.

Andrew Rowe, Scarborough Borough Council’s Housing Manager commented:

‘While Mr McFerran’s properties on Westbourne Grove aren’t currently in the designated area for the selective licensing scheme, should he ever find himself in the position of needing to apply for a licence in the future, the fact that we have had to take legal action against him is highly likely to impact on his ability to prove to us that he is a ‘fit and proper’ person.

‘We will continue to assess the effectiveness of the selective licensing scheme in the designated areas and may consider extending it to other areas in future years. Therefore, our message to all landlords, no matter where your properties are, is take your responsibilities seriously to protect the welfare of your tenants otherwise you could find your livelihood at risk.’

Landlords of properties in the designated licensing scheme area must apply for a licence by 31 December 2017 to avoid a penalty charge and the potential of prosecution for operating an unlicensed property.

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