Rubbish Causing Rat Infestations and Deterring Tenants in Gloucester

A Gloucester landlord has spoken out against ‘horrendous’ fly-tipping in the local area, with rubbish leading to rat infestations and deterring potential tenants.

Debonair Property owner Jerry Hall owns 20 homes in Barton and Tredworth. He claimed that people treat the area as an ‘unofficial dump.’

Last year Gloucester City Council paid around £50,000 to remove over 1,517 dumpings in the area.

Mr Hall and his tenant have repeatedly complained to the council. However, collectors only arrived to clear the area last week, three months after the issue was first reported. Even when the council took action, collectors only removed some of the items and left the sacks behind.

Mr Hall said: ‘Not only do the council take ages to remove fly-tipped rubbish, not only do they never stop the problem with signs or prosecutions, but they also discourage the local community from trying to help.’

Mr Hall took matters into his own hands and put up a sign warning against fly-tipping in the area.

He continued: ‘We have lost potential tenants because they have seen all the rubbish. It is a pretty horrendous problem. Mattresses are a favourite. So are old beds, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, plastics, lawnmowers, fridges. You name it, it has been dumped there.’

The problem is leading to rodent infestations in some rental properties. Mr Hall said: ‘The animals get in the rubbish. It blows away and ends up spreading itself down Victory Road. The council has made a rod for their own back. They have never put a sign or a camera up, or sent a letter round to neighbours. It’s making my tenants’ and other residents’ lives a real misery, and it makes the streets look like a slum.’

Councillor Richard Cook, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: ‘We can completely sympathise with Mr Hall and would like to reassure him that we take flytipping very seriously. It costs the city £50,000 a year and is simply not tolerated. To cover these costs we have increased the fines to the maximum penalty of £400. To catch the culprits, we have surveillance cameras around the city, including two in Barton and Tredworth. In two years we have convicted 16 people for fly-tipping offences, so we’re confident the higher penalties and increased security is working.’

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