Relationship Between Landlords and Tenants Positive

The majority of landlords hold a good relationship with their tenants, contrary to popular belief, with 69 per cent of landlords claiming to get on well with those they let to.

New research by landlord insurer Direct Line for Business disputes the myth that landlords and tenants don’t get along. The research found that 33 per cent believe themselves to be good friends with their tenants. Just 2 per cent believe their relationship with their tenants to be bad, whilst 15 per cent claim not to have a relationship due to their communication being managed by a letting agent.

The things landlords look for in a tenant to make up this good relationship include paying the rent on time, with 58 per cent asserting this as a priority, and being respectful of the property and its contents (41 per cent). Being clean and tidy was also deemed important by 37 per cent of landlords, whilst signing long term tenancy agreement and renewing contracts were considered less crucial, at 11 per cent and 8 per cent respectively.

In comparison, tenants cited their top landlord qualities as the ability to respond to issues quickly after they arise at 69 per cent, and asking a reasonable rent at 52 per cent. 37 per cent considered drafting a tenancy agreement important.

Overall, the research found the sector to be in an optimistic state, with 76 per cent of landlords feeling confident that they could fill their rental property without any void periods over the next six months.

Christina Dimitrov, Business Manager at Direct Line for Business, said: ‘The idea that landlords and tenants can’t get on is a fallacy, as many of these relationships are very positive and are often long lasting. Having a good relationship with your tenants is beneficial as they will be more likely to flag problems with the property quickly, enabling the landlord to arrange for a swift repair and therefore minimising inconvenience and expense for both parties.’

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