Property maintenance

Maintaining your tenant’s boiler and central heating

It’s what every landlord dreads come winter; the call from their tenant saying that the boiler has packed up. It can be tempting to simply get boiler repairs done as they break; but by following these tips, you can reduce the amount that you spend on broken heating systems over the lifetime of a boiler.

Boiler service

An annual boiler service is required to ensure that the tenant’s boiler is in a safe condition to use. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the boiler is checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and that it has a Gas Safety Certificate. Your tenant can ask you for a copy of the certificate, which you are obliged to provide.

The safety check will ensure that the boiler is well ventilated, as well as checking that it is burning gas properly with working automatic shut-off. A boiler service will also involve the boiler being thoroughly cleaned.

A boiler service gives you more than peace of mind; it saves you money, and more importantly keeps your tenants safe (not to mention warm).

Power Flushing

Property maintenance Residential LandlordPower flushing can seem expensive at first, but in the long run it works out more economically to power flush the central heating system when signs appear that it is needed. If your boiler is serviced regularly, you should only need the system flushed once every 10 years – but it can be well worthwhile. Removing the build-up of sludge prevent leakages and reduce the amount of maintenance the boiler will need in the future.

The amount of stress on the boiler will make it last longer. Your tenant will also be thankful, as their bills will be lower.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler does end up needing to be repaired, make sure you use a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Getting a cowboy to repair it will leave you with more costly repairs down the line, an unsafe boiler, and you could be liable for any damage or injuries caused by the work.

If the boiler needs to be replaced, make sure again that it is installed by a qualified gas engineer. An A-grade high-efficiency boiler will cost less to run, but more importantly it can increase the value of your property.

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