Possession Claims from Landlords Down 8 per cent

Incidents involving possession claims from landlords have fallen at all stages, marking the eighth quarter in a row that this has occurred.

Data from the Ministry of Justice has revealed that landlord possessions are seeing a steep decline. In the first quarter of this year, total landlord possession claims came to 35,188 in England and Wales, a figure that marks an eight per cent decline in relation to the same quarter in 2016. 25 per cent of these claims were carried out by a county court bailiff.

Orders of possession totalled 26,009, a number that is down 10 per cent on the previous year. Furthermore, warrants of possession dropped nine per cent to 17,936, whilst repossessions conducted by county court bailiffs totalled 9,370. The latter figure marks a 15 per cent annual drop. For some landlords, it is taking as many as 43 weeks for their properties to be returned to them.

The Ministry of Justice has explained that these falls continue the annual downward trend regarding landlord possessions, observed since April to June 2014. 

The ministry has explained that landlord possession claims are highly concentrated in London. Nine out of the 10 highest rates were found in boroughs situated within the capital. Barking and Dagenham topped the list, with a total of 496 per 100,000 households. 

When regarding the five years to the end of March 2017, Ministry of Justice data shows that 63 per cent of landlord possession claims came from social landlord claim, which equated to approximately 22,012. 22 per cent of the possession claims listed were accelerated claims, amounting to 7,716, whilst just 16 per cent came from the private rental sector. Private landlord claims amounted to 5,460 possession claims in total.

Founder of lettingaproperty.com, Jonathan Daines, said: ‘Claiming rent arrears and more importantly getting your property back from a tenant who will stall until the bailiff turns up is a time consuming and extremely stressful process. We offer our landlords all the assurances that if tenants stop paying or refuse to leave their property, we are able to offer a winning solution.’

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