Plumstead Landlord Fined for ‘Appalling’ State of Property

A Plumstead buy to let landlord has been penalised for letting a property in an ‘appalling’ state to elderly tenants.

The home in question had poor heating and significant mould issues. Landlord Mohammed Nadem Yasin was taken to Bexley Magistrates Court by Greenwich Council, after ignoring several warnings regarding the state of the Plumstead property. The landlord was fined £1,000 and was also ordered to pay £3,053 in costs on top of a £100 surcharge.

Upon inspection, Environmental health officers found that the rental property, situated on Lakedale Road, Plumstead, had insufficient heating that would not exceed 16 degrees. Several other issues were noted, including a lack of thermal insulation, a smoke alarm that did not work and a complete lack of ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom. Fire safety was also compromised, with flammable polystyrene ceiling tiles found throughout the home, whilst there were also broken roof tiles and gaps in the balustrade on the stairs and landing. Finally, broken storage heaters were also found in the home.

The property’s issues could have serious implications for the safety of its tenants, with the lack of adequate heating a major concern in the cold winter months.

Yasin pleaded guilty to the failure to comply with an improvement notice under section 30 of the Housing Act 2004. Yasin will now have his details recorded on the London Mayor’s GLA Rogue Landlords’ and Agents’ Checker.

Cabinet member for community safety and environment, councillor Jackie Smith, commented on the case: ‘This property was in an appalling and potentially dangerous state and the landlord appeared to have a complete disregard for the health and well-being of the elderly couple who paid him rent to live there. I hope this case serves as warning that we will not hesitate to take action against landlords who flout the law and rent out sub-standard homes.’

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