Number 13 Unlucky for Property Investment

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With Halloween tomorrow superstitions are rife, and fear of the number 13 is one of the best known.

With number 13 supposedly unlucky, having a property tarnished with it has long been a reason for lower asking prices and has even seen some big housebuilders remove it completely from their new build developments. 

But how unlucky is number 13 for property buyers and is the tide starting to turn? New homes specialists Stone Real Estate have sifted through the Land Registry records to find out.

Since 2016, transactions involving the number 13 have accounted for just 0.8 per cent of new build sales and just 1.1 per cent of existing property sales. 

Despite this low volume of transactions, the impact on price is notable, with existing number 13 properties selling for an average of -£22,006 less than other properties sold during the same time period, a reduction of -8 per cent. 

While new build properties have done a better job of overcoming the stigma, the average sold price since 2016 for the number in new builds is still -2 per cent lower than new build properties with other numbers.

This is also the case when looking at the last 12 months, with existing stock numbered 13 also selling for -8 per cent (-£22,468) less, although the tide does seem to be turning in the new build sector, with a decline of just -0.4 per cent for number 13 new builds compared to those with other numbers. 

When looking at 2019 alone, new build properties with the number 13 have actually sold for 0.2 per cent more on average than those with different numbers, although it’s yet more bad news for those with an existing build so far this year, with number 13 properties again selling for -8 per cent less – wiping £21,908 off their property’s value. 

Founder and CEO of Stone Real Estate, Michael Stone, commented: ‘In this day and age, it’s quite remarkable how ancient superstitions can still have such a detrimental impact on the price a property will sell for. For many, the aspiration to own their home will no doubt rise above any such feelings around the number 13 and the figures show that as a first-time buyer, it’s probably the ideal number due to the lower cost of getting on the ladder.

‘However, there are signs that this tide is starting to turn within the new build sector at least, and so far this year, the number 13 seems to be in vogue with slightly higher sold prices. Could this be the next property trend that sees new build buyers go against the grain?’

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