Nottingham Council Receives Approval for Landlord Licensing Scheme

Nottingham Council has been issued approval from the government to introduce a new landlord licensing scheme to improve the quality of privately rented homes in the area.

The new scheme was given the green light this week by the government. The licensing scheme is the largest of its kind outside London, and will see landlords with properties in certain areas of the city required to apply for a licence from the council. In order to obtain the necessary licensing, they will need to meet certain obligations. These are intended to ensure that the landlords are primarily concerned with tenant safety and the good management of the property.

The decision to implement the licensing scheme was likely triggered by a recent report which estimated that 21 per cent of privately rented properties in the Nottingham Council area were likely to have ‘Category 1 hazards.’ These hazards can range from anything from exposed wiring, a dangerous boiler or a vermin infestation. All of these pose serious threats to the health of the tenants residing in the properties.

Licensing schemes such as the one set to be introduced in Nottingham often meet controversy due to the extra admin and complication they pose for landlords. However, it is generally agreed that such schemes can improve the welfare of tenants and the condition of privately rented properties in the areas that they cover.

The council’s portfolio holder for planning, housing & heritage, Councilllor Jane Urquhart, spoke out about the decision to implement a licencing scheme in the city: ‘I’m pleased that Nottingham’s selective licensing proposal has been approved by the Government. In areas that are covered it will help to improve standards for private tenants and landlords will know exactly what they must do to be able to rent their properties out. Having a Selective Licence will allow landlords to demonstrate that they provide good accommodation for tenants.’

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