Nottingham Council Considering Licensing Scheme

Nottingham is the latest council to join the ranks of those implementing a new landlord licensing scheme.

Consultation has begun on the scheme and is set to run until the 31st of March. It offers landlords, tenants, agents and residents the opportunity to give feedback on the suggestion of a selective licensing scheme requiring landlords to obtain a licence issued by the council that ensures they have met the necessary standards.

The local council has claimed that the private rental sector in Nottingham has grown by 12 per cent between 2001 and 2011, and has risen further still in the past five years. This has influenced the council to follow the example taken by others across the country and employ a licensing scheme in order to improve the standard of rental property in the area.

 The council claims to have received over 4,500 complaints in the past four years regarding a range of issues from dangerous electrical wiring to cockroach infestations.

 The scheme would set a minimum standard for rental properties to uphold. The initial cost of the licence would be £600 for five years with a £140 discount for accredited landlords. Revenue from the licenses will be used by the council to cover the cost of administering the scheme.

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