North Lincolnshire Council Leader Welcomes Rogue Landlord Powers

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The leader of North Lincolnshire Council has welcomed the new powers bestowed upon local councils to tackle rogue landlords, one of the latest representatives to speak out in favour of the changes.

North Lincolnshire Council leader, Councillor Rob Waltham stated his approval of the regulations that were introduced on the 6 April 2018. Under the new rulings, landlords who let out substandard properties can be evicted from the sector using banning orders and added to a national database of offenders, to which local councils have access.

Councillor Rob Waltham asserted that the new rules would be able to deal with a minority of problem landlords in North Lincolnshire: ‘This means we have even more control to be able to deal with rogue landlords in North Lincolnshire. The majority of landlords provide good quality, well managed properties. It is the minority of landlords that do not follow the rules and engage in criminal activity. We will take enforcement action against these landlords.’

He continued: ‘Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis depending on the situation. In some cases a civil penalty notice is more appropriate than prosecution. For those who continue to flout the law, we now have the power to take further action with the new banning orders. This will be for the most severe offenders. Landlords should ensure they comply with the law at all times and provide a safe and decent place for people to live.’

The ruling means that the names of landlords convicted of a range of housing, immigration and other criminal offences including leasing overcrowded properties, fire and gas safety offences and unlawful eviction, will be submitted to the database so councils can share information between themselves. It will also enable closer scrutiny of offenders. Councils are charged with recording the details of any rogue landlord or property agent who has received a banning order on the database.

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