North Ayrshire Council Warns Rogue Landlords, Threatening Sanctions

North Ayrshire Council has warned rogue landlords in the area that they will face significant sanctions should their properties not be up to standard.

The council issued the reminder to landlords in a bid to clean up the buy to let market in the area. The warning threatened investors with their removal from the official Landlords Register should they be found to be neglecting their duties to their tenants and properties. All private buy to let landlords are required to be registered in order to operate.

North Ayrshire Council was recently forced to remove an individual from the register after his property was found to have extremely poor ventilation which could have seriously impacted the health of the property’s tenants. Furthermore, council inspectors have also discovered dampness in properties, as well as some lacking in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Many also neglected their duties as landlords by failing to obtain the correct gas and electrical safety certificates. All of the aforementioned cases have resulted in landlords being removed from the register in order to clean up the buy to let sector.

The council’s licensing committee has also made rent penalty notices. These mean that the landlord is unable to charge rent or get benefit payments.

The convenor of North Ayrshire Council’s licensing committee, Councillor Ronnie McNicol, commented on the statement: ‘We take this issue very seriously and it’s very important that the landlords out there listen. When we have evidence of landlords who fail to meet the standards expected of them, we can call them to appear at the licensing committee. We have to ensure that tenants across North Ayrshire are protected and are treated with respect. Landlords who do not maintain their houses to the legal standards could face sanctions. We will take action – we have proved that in recent weeks.’

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