Nine Govanhill Investors Found Unfit to Act as Landlords

Nine buy to let investors have been banned from letting rental properties in Govanhill, Glasgow, after being found unfit to act as landlords in the area.

The bans were issued as part of an Enhanced Enforcement Area (EEA) in Govanhill. The EEA was initially established in four blocks in September 2015, done through the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. This gives Glasgow City Council special powers to crack down on all rogue landlords and investors who operate in the designated area and take action against them.

The landlords in question now face criminal prosecution, as well as fines of up to £50,000 if they attempt to let their properties again following the issue of the ban.

One of the landlords who has been declared unfit for service was renting out a property unfit for human habitation. The property in question had no hot water, faulty electrics, a broken toilet and holes in the floor.

The other eight banned landlords who own a property in the Enhanced Enforcement Area all failed to provide the relevant certification to allow them to act as landlords. This included a range of documents, from an enhanced criminal record check, buildings insurances, energy performance, gas safety and the confirmation that tenants received tenant information packs when taking out their tenancy.

Councillor Mhairi Hunter explained the positive effects that the EEA has on council enforcement and buy to let standards. She said: ‘The EEA means the council has the right to demand high standards from landlords working in Govanhill, otherwise they will ultimately be taken to task. But the EEA has also provided a platform for better overall engagement with landlords and that has led directly to a substantial improvement in housing conditions, a big increase in the number of closes being factored and a drop in anti-social behaviour.’

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