Most Desirable Attributes for a Rental Property

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Recent research by buy to let marketplace lender Landbay has revealed the most desirable attributes to tenants for a rental property.

It seems that with the UK being a nation of pet lovers, landlords should consider allowing pets in their buy to let properties, as that came top as the most desirable attribute.

The research found that nearly one-in-seven (14 per cent) of renters rated ‘pets being allowed in the property’ as their most desirable attribute. That figure nearly doubles in the North East (27 per cent) but shrinks to just 3 per cent of renters in London. Women are more than twice as likely (18 per cent) as men (8 per cent) to prioritise a pet-friendly property.

A home which is unfurnished comes second, with 12 per cent of renters saying this is the most desirable attribute. Perhaps tellingly, renters aged 55 and above (22 per cent) are five times more likely to consider an unfurnished property as crucially important than those aged between 18 and 34 (4 per cent).

A garden was third, with 11 per cent of renters rating outdoor space as their most desirable attribute. Parents (15 per cent) are more than twice as likely to prioritise a garden compared to non-parents (7 per cent).

Off-street parking and the quality of a property’s décor came fourth and fifth respectively.

Having a dryer came bottom of the list of most desirable attributes with just 1 per cent of renters considering it key to their home. A king-sized bed, a balcony, and a dishwasher also polled just 1 per cent. Just 2 per cent of private renters consider a new build property as a priority.

Director of Landbay, Deborah Mudway, commented: ‘This will make interesting reading for landlords, who could be forgiven for believing little luxuries like a dishwasher, dryer and even a king-sized bed make all the difference for tenants. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

‘Essentially, landlords knowing what renters want can make for a happier, more prosperous relationship which benefits both parties in the long run.’

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