Millionaire Criminal Landlord Fined for Shipping Container on Site

A millionaire criminal landlord is facing significant fines of over £12,000 after storing an enormous shipping container on his land without permission.

Millionaire landlord Latif ur Rehman is facing his second fine in just two months for the container. The first came as he was made to pay £350,000 for converting four homes in Dudley into 17 cramped flats without planning permission.

The rogue landlord is now facing a second fine over the container after pleading guilty to the failure to comply with a single enforcement notice that had been issued by Dudley Council. The authority opted to take action following a complaint made about the large, bright orange shipping container. The container had been used for storage for a shop on the land owned by Rehman on Wolverhampton Street, Dudley. The council refused the two planning applications Rehman submitted retrospectively, each looking for permission to keep the container on site.

Rehman ignored the enforcement notices issued by Dudley Council which required that he remove the container from his land by September this year. He was then issued with a court summons.

He was fined £12,000 at Wolverhampton Magistrates Court. He was also ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £620.48.

Cabinet member for planning and regeneration, Councillor Ian Kettle, said: ‘We welcome the sentence of the court, following another long and protracted battle to get Mr Rehman to comply with planning laws. We hope this sentence, the second against the same person in the space of three months, will send out a strong message to landlords in the Dudley borough and beyond. Failing to comply with planning laws most certainly does not pay, and, as in the case of Mr Rehman, will most likely end up with a court date and a hefty bill.”

In October, a judge was told how a ‘squalid’ rundown property owned by the millionaire landlord was shut by police after complaints of anti-social behaviour and crime.’

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