London Tenants Foot the Bill for Landlord Repair Failures

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London tenants have been forced to pay out nearly £300 million due to a lack of landlord repairs carried out at rental properties in the capital.

Tenants who live in privately rented properties in London paid an average of £328.40 on repairs that landlords were responsible for carrying out but failed to do. The most common items that need to be fixed include boilers, with 37 per cent of tenants requiring them to be sorted out, and baths and showers at 29 per cent. Toilets came in third at 26 per cent.

The survey, which heard from 2,000 London tenants, also found that one in 14 households had waited over three months for routine repairs to be carried out. 11 per cent had waited over a month.

The research was conducted by Uncle, a serviced apartment start-up, who discovered that 40 per cent of London renters have never had a landlord they trusted. Most worryingly, 21 per cent said their bad relationship with their landlord had affected their health.

A small minority of rogue landlords give the sector a bad name. 17 per cent claimed that negligent landlords had put their lives in danger, whilst 13 per cent said that difficulties with landlords affected their relationship with their partner. Two per cent even claimed to have found hidden cameras or recording equipment they believe was put there by a landlord.

Uncle chief executive Ryan Prince said: ‘Dodgy landlords have had all the power. There’s a clear need for change.’

London tenant James Maley, 35, rented a two-bed apartment in East Finchley for six months. He spent around £2,000 in repairs on the property. When he moved in the oven was not working and there was no washing machine. His rogue landlord took weeks to fix them, so Maley was forced to eat out and use a laundrette.

He also claimed there was ‘substantial’ damp in the property meaning that he was forced to buy two dehumidifiers which generated a £1,100 electricity bill.

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