Lets for Pets – With Well Behaved Owners Allowed

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A new property development in Wembley Park is offering homes to let specifically for pampered pets, with their owners allowed to stay too, providing they’re well behaved and house trained.

The homes, which open in September, aim to cater for tenants in London who are increasingly looking for long-term homes in the buy to let sector. With the growing desire for longer tenancies and stability there comes increasing requests for pets to make the properties feel like home.

The project, which has been launched by rental homes brand Tipi, will see prospective pets interviewed by the Tipi Team, which includes a Cavapoo called Frankie who will vet ‘paw-spective’ tenants on how they interact. It is essential that the animals follow basic instructions to be permitted to reside in the complex. The animals will be given Tipi collar tags to enable them to be identified as residents if they wander off.

Managing Director at Tipi, Rajesh Shah, said: ‘We wanted to ensure that our latest 295 homes for rent at Landsby meet the needs of a broad range of Londoners, so we listened to existing residents and shaped Landsby’s services accordingly. One issue that we wanted to address was that of pet ownership in rented accommodation. There’s no reason why house-trained, well behaved pets shouldn’t be permitted to live in rented homes, so we’ve put appropriate structures in place to allow that to happen here at Wembley Park.’

In a blow to rumours of poor landlord-tenants relations in the sector, the resident pets will be issued with a goodie bag to welcome them to renting. Contents will vary based on seasonal needs.

There is also a strong community ethos in the development, with the assumption that new furry tenants are keen to integrate. Staff at Tipi will support residents to connect with initiatives such as Brent BARK, which works to promote responsible dog ownership within the borough.

Shah continued: ‘Animal welfare will be a key consideration for Tipi’s pets. As part of the vetting process, we will liaise with the owners to ensure that pets are healthy and check that their vaccination records are completely up to date. We can also introduce them to a local vet if they are new to the area or to pet ownership.’

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