Landlord/tenant responsibilities

A significant disparity in relation to the perception of responsibilities in rental properties has been recorded amongst landlords and tenants.
Insurance provider Endsleigh found that certain responsibilities such as ‘touching up paintwork’ are disputed amongst landlords and tenants, with 60 per cent of tenants considering it the landlord’s responsibility, whilst 45 per cent of landlords feel that the tenant should take care of it.
Another issue with a lack of clarity with regards to responsibility is pest control. 32 per cent of landlords feel that the tenant should deal with this issue, however 84 per cent of tenants regard it as the landlord’s responsibility.
However, the biggest discrepancy of expectation was found to be the provision of meter readings as the beginning and end of tenancy periods. Almost three quarters of landlords (73 per cent) regard this as something the tenant should do, however a mere 35 per cent of tenants feel that it is their responsibility.
Other divisive issues, yet with less contestation, include dealing with neighbour complaints, bleeding radiators and installing internet or TV aerials.
Endsleigh’s lettings and landlords manager Marcus Latchford said: ‘Relationships between landlords and tenants can become strained when rental responsibilities aren’t fulfilled. However, sometimes it’s just a case of one side being unaware of their responsibilities. Individual contracts will often spell out who should be taking care of what, but the small print is often the last place people look.’

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