Landlords Should Invest in WIFI

Landlords and buy to let investors should ensure that WIFI is available in their investment rental properties according to recent research carried out by heating supplier SuperSaverOil.

In the survey on 21st century home comforts WIFI was revealed as the top priority for renters and homeowners, with 45 per cent saying that they would not want to live without it.

Coming in not far behind WIFI and keeping up the modern trend was the microwave oven, with 39 per cent saying that they would not like to be without the modern method of cooking.

Home heating secured third place in the priority list with 35 per cent of dwellers in the UK, showing that traditional home comforts have not been forgotten.

32 per cent couldn’t live without a duvet (perhaps in case they forgot to put home heating on the list). While to 28 per cent valued the humble cup of tea as important to their life.

Modern gadgets such as the mobile phone (24 per cent) and digital television (18 per cent) came next on the list. While the top ten was completed with coffee (15 per cent), a glass of wine (11 per cent), and perhaps somewhat surprisingly in the mixed gender survey, 9 per cent could not do without hair straighteners .

Whilst WIFI was the firm winner, Project Manager at SuperSaverOil, Mark Hackett, was pleased to see that traditional home comforts were not forgotten.

He commented: It’s interesting to see the thing Britons’ just can’t live without are often the classic, home comforts, such as microwaves and home heating that can make life that little bit easier.

‘It’s also great to see that whilst mod cons like digital TV are among the top ten, Great British favourites such as a cup of tea or coffee are still firm favourites. We all have our home comforts and shouldn’t take them for granted.’

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