Landlord Nazrul Islam Fined Over £3,000 for Fire Safety Negligence

HMO landlord Nazrul Islam has been fined £3,300 due to his failure to meet obligations relating to fire safety at his investment property, which resulted in leaving the property in such a condition that it could have endangered the health of his tenants.

Islam pleaded guilty at Northampton magistrates court to five offences in relation to his investment property. These included the failure to comply without reasonable excuse to two license conditions, as well as two management regulations breaches. He also failed to complete the works detailed in an improvement notice that had been issued to him.

Islam had breached management regulations and as a result had left the occupants of the property at risk of not being able to escape in the event of a fire. He failed to comply with an Improvement Notice that was issued on September 8 2016. The notice had required that he make alterations to the property’s layout in order to ensure that the four occupants were properly protected in the event of a fire. His failure to do this meant that his tenants could have been placed in significant danger.

The rogue landlord also pleaded guilty to not keeping the rear garden of his property in good order. There was exposed brickwork evident in the kitchen. Furthermore, Islam had not ensured that the electrical installation in the house was kept safe and in proper working order. Once again, such negligence seriously compromised the safety of any tenants residing in the property, particularly in that it exacerbated the risk of electrical fire.

Islam was fined £3,300 by the court. He was also ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £1,890.26 as well as a £170 victim surcharge.

A spokesperson from the local council commented on the case ‘We will now monitor the situation closely with this particular property to ensure the work needed is carried out adequately and in a timely fashion.’

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