Free Landlord Guides

Residential Landlord provides a series of free landlord guides. 

To download a guide simply click onto it’s title or PDF logo.

PDF_downlaodResidential buy to let – A basic guide
This basic guide covers the main information you need to know about making buy to let work for you.



Residential Landlord guide to tenant findingPDF_downlaod
There are lots of good tenants out there and following this guide could help you to attract them to your property.



Residential Landlord guide to landlord taxPDF_downlaod
When you become a landlord it is important to remember that you will need to complete a tax return. This guide provides details of what you should include.



Residential Landlord guide to tenancy depositsPDF_downlaod
All tenancy deposits have to be protected to avoid penalties to the landlord and protect both the landlord and tenant interests. This guide provides details of how to do this and the choices available.



Residential Landlord guide to HMOsPDF_downlaod
Letting your property to a number of people can bring a higher yield, but there are many extra legal responsibilities when renting to a group of unrelated tenants. This provides the details of what constitutes an HMO and what you need to do.


Residential Landlord guide to EvictionPDF_downlaod
All landlords hope their tenancies will be trouble free, but with all the best intentions things can sometimes go wrong. This guide provides details if eviction is needed.



Residential Landlord guide – Why Buy to LetPDF_downlaod
There are many different types of investment you can choose to put your money into. This guide can help you decide if buy to let is the one for you.








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