Landlord Crackdown by Milton Keynes Local Council

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A new ‘tough approach’ to tackling the rogue landlord problem has been introduced by the local council in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes local council have decided to take a hard line with any landlord who lowers the standard of the buy to let sector. Their new ‘tough approach’ includes the use of banning orders as well as the implementation of fines of up to £30,000 for anyone who breaches a banning order.

The local council, which is Labour-led, has decided to take drastic action in order to stamp out overcrowding and improve the quality of housing available for those renting properties in the private sector. The council feels particularly strongly about tackling landlords who operate houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) without the proper care. Those who fail to comply with improvement notices, have overcrowded properties and attempt to pass on properties prohibited for sale are likely to face the wrath of the new approach.

Rogue landlords have been a recurring issue in Milton Keynes. Problems with property maintenance and general negligence have pervaded the sector, giving respectable landlords a bad name and damaging the resilience of the private rental market.

Cabinet member for adult social care and housing, Councillor Nigel Long, said: ‘We have a problem with some private landlords in Milton Keynes. I believe that the council should use new measures available under the law to tackle these rogue landlords. They own some of worst maintained homes in Milton Keynes and are a major cause of homelessness locally.’

He described the new measures implemented to clean up the sector: ‘We are committed to using the new powers of banning orders and fines to tackle rogue landlords and letting agents. We want to work with good private landlords but are committed to dealing with the bad ones who have no place in our new city.’

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