Hull Landlord Fined for Overcrowded Buy to Let Property

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A Hull landlord has been prosecuted and fined after council officials found seven people living in his two-bedroom buy to let property.

Hull landlord Saleem Hakim was prosecuted by the court after Hull City Council staff found at least seven people living in a two-bedroom flat owned by him when they first visited the property in August 2017.

Following the visit, the council issued the Hull landlord a suspended prohibition order, giving Mr Hakim time to comply with the regulations. However, when the council made two more visits, they found that the flat was still overcrowded.

It resulted in the council taking Mr Hakim to court, where he was subsequently charged a total of £2,825 in council costs, fine, and a victim surcharge for failure to reduce occupancy levels at a flat in Albany Street, west Hull.

The Hull landlord was also convicted of two further offences of failing to comply with a suspended prohibition order in his absence at Hull Magistrates’ Court in January.

Mr Hakim insisted that he had left the running of his buy to let investment properties to an agent and was unaware of the charges and fine made against him by the court in his absence.

Hull City Council now hopes that Mr Hakim’s prosecution will deter further landlords from acting in the same way by overcrowding properties.

Councillor John Black, Hull City Council’s portfolio holder for housing, said: ‘Anybody taking on the role of landlord needs to be fully aware of their responsibilities under the law.’

Mr Black continued: ‘We tried to work with the landlord to reach a satisfactory conclusion, but the actions required to make the property safe remained uncompleted.

‘I hope this prosecution will send out a message to landlords that they need to act within the law or face the consequences.’

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