Holbeach Landlord Prosecuted for Improvement Notice Failure

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A rogue Holbeach landlord has been prosecuted for failing to comply with Improvement Notices on her property.

Landlord Chony Andrews also failed to license her house in multiple occupation (HMO), an additional offence. The issues were discovered after South Holland council conducted a series of inspections of a property in Holbeach after officers raised concerns regarding the condition of the property and its occupancy.

After several visits to the property it was found to be in urgent need of work. The council stated that it had a multitude of failings. This lead to an Improvement Notice being issued to the landlord in question. The issue was taken extremely seriously as poor management of rental properties not only damages the reputation of the buy to let sector but can also act as a danger to the lives of tenants.

According to the council, over the following months further reminders were sent out once it became clear that the necessary work was not being carried out. Eventually, Andrews entirely failed to act upon the five identified hazards. This was in addition to the failure to licence an HMO. The landlord was therefore summoned to Boston magistrates.

Although Andrews failed to attend court, the magistrates agreed to hear the case in her absence. She was found guilty and  received a £2,500 fine for her failure to comply with the Improvement Notice. This added up to £500 per offence as well as £1,000 for failing to licence a HMO.

She was also ordered to pay a contribution to the council’s costs as well as a mandatory victim surcharge. This brought her total fine to £4,160. Magistrates explained that this was money that should have been spent making changes to comply with the Improvement Notice. It was also emphasised that the fact that the HMO was unlicensed was a particularly serious issue to them.

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