High Wycombe Landlords Fined for Dangerous Property

Three rogue High Wycombe landlords have been ordered to pay £18,000 after they were found to be renting out an unsafe property in the area.

Noshiba Rehman, Saiqa Bi and Ansar Rehman have been fined after their rental property was found to boast dodgy electrics and little fire protection. Officers from Wycombe District Council who visited last year deemed the property to pose ‘significant’ fire risks to tenants.

Upon inspection, the officers also found that the tenants were at grave risk of electrocution in the property, which had seen no inspection of electrical installation for at least five years. The house had just one battery operated smoke detector and no light in the stairwell. Furthermore, the front door had broken glass, crudely patched up with tape and plywood with a hole found next to the lock, adding the risk of intruders to an already unsafe property.

The defendants pleaded guilty to all charges, although failed to attend court for the hearing. The three were collectively ordered to pay £18,000. This was comprised of a fine of £5,500 for Noshiba Rehman with a victim surcharge of £50 and legal costs of £850, whilst the other two landlords were each ordered to pay fines of £5,000 alongside a victim surcharge of £50 and legal costs of £750 each.

Deputy cabinet member for housing at Wycombe District Council, Councillor Tony Lee, said: ‘We are determined to clamp down hard on rogue landlords like this. They are callously and consciously exploiting vulnerable people and, as in this case, receiving tax payers’ money through housing benefit paying for rent. Sometimes it’s difficult for tenants to stand up to landlords but we will. Our teams are expert and determined to stop this kind of exploitation happening in Wycombe District. Let this set an example to those landlords who think they will get away with it.’

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