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The charity Cats Protection has launched its ‘Purrfect Landlords’ campaign in an attempt to get more private sector landlords to accept cats in their rental properties.

Research has shown that currently, less than half of private rented housing allows tenants to keep cats.

The charity has said that issues over finding cat-friendly housing are among the top five reasons for cats being handed in to its adoption centres.

The ‘Purrfect landlords’ campaign has been launched to offer free guidance to landlords and letting agents when drawing-up tenancy agreements.

Jacqui Cuff, from Cats Protection, said: ‘More and more people are renting their homes either by choice or necessity, yet very few rented properties accept cats.

‘This means tenants are missing out on being able to own a cat, while landlords may be losing out on attracting responsible and settled tenants. We hear from renters who tell us most adverts state ‘no pets’.

She continued: ‘Often the reason for not allowing cats is simply habit, with a third of UK landlords who don’t accept cats saying they didn’t proactively choose to ban them, but instead followed a standard template or advice from a letting agent.

‘The aim of our ‘Purrfect Landlords’ campaign is to transform renting so that responsible cat ownership benefits both landlords and tenants.’

A new website has been launched by the charity, at, which features guidance for landlords and tenants.

It includes free, downloadable legal wording for landlords and letting agents to add to their tenancy agreements.

The charity also offers financial support towards the cost of neutering cats for owners on a low income.

Cats Protection has already spoken to many private and social landlords about the Purrfect Landlords campaign and last week won the Best Property Education Provider award at the National Landlord Investment Show Awards 2018.

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