Health and Safety Matters Must Be Considered by Professional Landlords

Landlords need to become more professional when considering health and safety as well as important legislative controls, says the boss of a leading lettings agency in London.

Ashley Clements of west London lettings agency Horton and Garton has stated that there is a need for landlords to be businesslike and professional when considering new legislative controls and health and safety regulations. The statement was made in an interview he gave for The London Economic. In the interview, Clements discussed the growing numbers of landlords who have turned to use the services of letting agents in order to deal with the growing demands of the private rental sector.

He explained: ‘The private rental sector has grown at lightning speed in recent years. In the affluent West London neighbourhoods of Hammersmith, Chiswick and Shepherds Bush, many owners have seen their properties grow exponentially in value. With significant equity in their properties, they decide to retain and let them when they move on. Our challenge within the letting agency is to help professionalise these landlords by providing them with accurate and up-to-date advice on ever-changing legislation.’

Initiatives such as the Client Money protection scheme are designed to help landlords deal with the pressures of the buy to let sector, however many investors have failed to keep up with these initiatives. This renders them at a disadvantage when they aim to meet the newly high standards now expected by tenants.

Clements argued that if landlords want to attract good reliable tenants, such as those who consistently pay rent on time and sustain the quality of the property they are renting, they need to improve their handling of several crucial issues in order to appeal to them. This means professionalising the service that they offer when renting their properties.

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