Government Needs Strategic Approach to Private Rental Investment Sector

The Residential Landlord Association (RLA) has called for a strategic approach for the private rental investment sector from the government.

The strategic approach from all government departments introducing changes in the private rental sector was called for at a meeting held last week between the RLA, other industry groups, and the new Minister for the Private Rented Sector, Heather Wheeler MP.

The RLA also called for a dedicated housing court to give landlords and tenants in the private rental investment sector better access to quicker and less expensive justice when things do go wrong.

It was felt that a new option was required in order to encourage landlords to offer longer tenancies to those tenants that desire them, whilst still having the confidence that they could swiftly regain possession of their property if tenants are failing to pay their rent or are committing anti-social behaviour.

Policy Director of the RLA, David Smith, said after the meeting: ‘We welcome the Minister’s early engagement with the sector and her positive attitude towards supporting the majority of landlords who provide good housing and abide by all their responsibilities.

‘It provides a good starting point as the RLA works with the Government to ensure the rental sector is fit for its changing role and works for tenants and landlords.’

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, said: ‘We are committed to delivering a fairer, good quality and more affordable private rented sector, and want to support good landlords and agents to comply with their responsibilities.

‘We will be introducing banning orders in April to make it easier for local authorities to act against rogue landlords and agents, we will be requiring all letting agents to meet minimum standards and are consulting with the judiciary on the case for a housing court.’

They went on to say: ‘We are grateful to private rented sector organisations for their constructive input to date and are committed to working with them as this important agenda continues. The Minister looks forward to engaging further with the sector and welcomed the constructive dialogue.’

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