Gedling Borough Council to Introduce Licensing Scheme

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A new selective licensing scheme may be introduced by Gedling Borough Council to regulate the buy to let sector.

Gedling Borough Council are considering plans to impose selective licensing charges on private landlords and investors operating in the Nottinghamshire district.

The proposal to introduce a selective licensing scheme has been recommended to the council following a consultation period. A final decision took place yesterday in a meeting.

Upon the approval of the plans by the cabinet, the council will begin to impose selective charges on landlords who manage properties within a certain ward from October later this year.

Landlords who have an official accreditation will be charged £490 per annum for each property. Non-accredited landlords will be due to pay £640 once the scheme kicks in. There are set to be a number of exemptions to the measure, with properties rented out for social housing likely to be excluded.

Selective licensing schemes are generally used by local councils to ensure that standards remain high in the private rental sector. It means that rogue landlords can be closely monitored to ensure that the safety of tenants is paramount and that all buy to let properties are safe and liveable. However, the schemes are controversial, with many believing that they simply heap extra costs onto landlords.

When the scheme was initially proposed in October, councillor David Ellis, who represents the Ernehale ward, spoke out about its implementation: ‘Residents have a right to live in properties that are fit for purpose. Asking landlords to meet our standards acts as way of improving housing conditions and property management and also it can have a longer term effect of reducing anti-social behaviour and crime which can be linked to areas with deprivation and poor living conditions.’

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