Decorating Buy to Let Rental Properties for Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, it is worth landlords giving their tenants advice on decorating their rental property for the festive period.

One of the main concerns when decorating is tenants hanging things from walls and ceilings.

Even sticky tape or blue tack can remove paint or plaster and leave the wall needing a new lick of paint or some degree of repair, and this can increase void periods for landlords while they set it straight, with the bill often sent the way of the tenant or deducted from their deposit.

It is worth reminding the tenant that after Christmas decorating, it is their responsibility to return returning the property back to its original state, and any costs required to do so will sit with them.

Advice to give tenants about Christmas decorating could include:

The Tree

Even getting the tree in the door can scratch walls, damage floorboards or carpet and leave a mess come the New Year. Tell them to go for a realistically sized one, or get a reasonably sized artificial one, but make sure it’s fire retardant.

Paper Decorations

Not only will they be doing your bit for the environment, but paper decorations also look great, bring a traditional feel to the home and won’t stain, melt or discolour the wall.

Hanging Decorations

There are a few products on the market that promise not to leave a mark on walls when removing them, but rather than risk it, look to hang decorations from curtain rails or items of furniture. Tell them to always avoid blue tack or sticky tape as it can damage the wall.

Lights and Electricals

Lights are a great way of decorating without leaving a mark. Make sure they are fairly new and meet safety regulations to avoid potential fire threats.

It’s a good idea to always place your tree or lights close to a plug socket in the first place to avoid the temptation of extension cords.

Check Your Insurance

Some festive fire damage can be a worst-case scenario. Believe it or not, some insurers won’t pay out if the cause is decorative lights so check you have the best cover possible.

Founder and CEO of UK online property management platform Howsy, Calum Brannan, commented: ‘It might seem a bit Scrooge-like to be so hard on hanging decorations but there’s a good reason for it. When we’re tearing down decorations with a sore head on the first of January the last thing we’re thinking is about protecting the walls or ceilings, especially if we are moving on to a new property as is often the case with tenants following Christmas.

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