Clydebank Tenants to Compare Landlords in New Report

Clydebank tenants will soon be able to hold their landlords to account, according to details outlined in a new report.

The Scottish Housing Regulatory has recently released its annual Landlord Reports, which explain that tenants who live in homes provided by social landlords will be allowed to monitor and compare their landlord’s performance and ability.

The reports outline to tenants how their individual landlord has performed in comparison to the Scottish Social Housing Charter. This can be done by considering categories important to tenants such as homes and rents, quality and maintenance of homes, neighbourhoods, tenant satisfaction and value for money.

The general outcome of the report was that the majority of Scottish tenants are satisified with their landlord’s performance against a national average, although undoubtably, the information would have shown some tenants that their landlord needs to take steps to improve.

Chairman of the Scottish Housing Regulator, George Walker, said: ‘On the whole, most tenants are satisfied with their landlord’s performance. Performance varies underneath the national picture and some landlords have more work to do than others to improve. Our reports give thousands of tenants across Scotland information about their landlord’s performance.’

The implementation of programmes such as the Landlord Reports is particularly crucial in buy to let social housing, as often tenants in this sector are particularly vulnerable to exploitation from rogue landlords. This could mean anything from the provision of an overcrowded, under-equipped property, to one that does not have the correct licensing. By offering a point of comparison such as the Landlord Reports, Clydebank tenants will be able to see for themselves the appropriate level of care and maintenance that their property is entitled to from their social landlord, and fight for it if it is not available.

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