Childless Couples Favoured by Landlords According to Survey

Childless couples are deemed the ‘perfect tenants’ by landlords across the UK, according to new research from Intus Lettings.

29 per cent of landlords rated couples with no children as their preferred tenants to let to. In contrast, just 1 per cent consider students a favourite.

Following childless couples, a single young professional is a popular category of tenant, with a quarter of landlords rating them as their main preference to rent to. One in five landlords then professed to prefer families.

Lettings manager at Intus Lettings, Hope McKendrick, explained: ‘It’s likely that landlords opted for couples with no dependants due to the stability that it provides. They understand that finding the right tenant can save them time, money and stress in the long term and with the number of people renting continuing to grow, they want to be reassured that those living in their properties are reliable.’

The survey’s results came as new figures from the latest English Housing Survey show that renting is on the rise, with 4.5 million households now in the UK private rental sector. This marks a 2.5 million increase on 2000.

The survey also highlighted which aspects of the vetting process are most valued by landlords. 405 of the survey’s respondents agreed that references are of most importance, followed by the tenant’s ‘general attitude.’ It was also confirmed that age and marital status were important. In terms of landlords’ frustrations, damage to property and furniture was the most significant concern, followed by failure to pay rent on time.

Ms McKendrick continued: ‘As the survey results prove, negative experiences with previous landlords or poor references from your employer can impact where you end up living in the future. Landlords have more choice as more and more people enter the private rented sector, so getting through vetting without glitches and making a positive impression is more crucial than ever.’


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