Call for Letting Agency to be Banned for Withholding Rent

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A landlord couple who have been wronged by a letting agent have called for a ban on the agency, which is accused of withholding thousands of pounds in rent.

Lindsay Chick and his wife Lesley were left thousands of pounds out of pocket through the actions of the rogue agency. The pair made a 900-mile round trip from their home in Kent to attend a tribunal in Glasgow next week in order to argue that Location, the agency who wronged them, should be kept from the national register.

From October, anyone carrying out letting work in Scotland is required to be registered. Otherwise they will face a fine of up to £50,000 or six months in jail.

The Chick family raised a case against Location at the First-tier Tribunal. This deals with disputes in the private property sector. The family claim that the letting firm, which managed five properties in Lanarkshire for them, failed to hand over around £7,000 in rent that was owed from tenants.

Lindsay spoke out at the tribunal: ‘I feel people behaving in this way shouldn’t be allowed to trade. We’re desperate to do everything we can to ensure others are protected from the experience we’ve had at the hands of Location.’

The problem is not limited to this case, buy to let landlords operating in the UK are collectively owed nearly £20,000 by the Lanarkshire-based letting firm, according to court decrees. There has even been a Facebook group established by alleged victims of the firm’s behavior. The group allows them to share information and advice about Location.

Location is run by Kenny Stenhouse, a director of Letting Hamilton Ltd and Letting Airdrie Ltd with his partner Carrie Little.

It seems as though Location may have breached the code of practice for letting agents, which has only recently been introduced, according to tribunal chairman David Preston. Preston explained that there had also been ‘no substantive response’ from the firm in relation to the allegations made by the landlords.

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