Brent Council Prosecutes Rogue Landlord, Reaching 125 Prosecutions

Brent Council has reached landmark figures in their number of landlord prosecutions over the last year or so, proving its commitment to cleaning up the buy to let sector.

The local council has made a staggering 125 successful prosecutions against rogue landlords, agents and sub-letting tenants since 2016.

The London council has reported that the convictions have cumulatively resulted in more than £730,000 in fines. Brent Council also made more than £100,000 worth of civil penalties against rogue landlords, agents and sub-letters since their introduction in September 2017. The council has collected £63,500 of these fines to date. Brent Council is well known in London for its commitment to prosecuting those who give the buy to let sector a bad name by letting substandard properties.

The council’s latest conviction involved issuing a rogue landlord with £7,400 worth of costs and fines after he failed to pay £340 for a five year selective licence. Enforcement officers became aware of the unlicensed two-bedroom Harlesden home after the family residing in the property complained to the council about their broken boiler.

Errol Roy Thompson of Bedford, the landlord in question, pleaded not guilty at his first hearing in August last year. He later changed his plea to guilty during the trial at Willesden Magistrates Court this month.

Thompson had begun filling out an application for a selective licence in June 2016. However, he had failed to complete the form and did not pay the licence fee. His rental property therefore remained unlicensed, leaving him susceptible to the sizeable fine issued to those in breach of the local council’s licensing obligations.

A council spokesman spoke out about the case: ‘Mr Thompson was also sent a letter which specifically told him his property required a selective license. His failure to pay £340 has resulted in fines of more than £7,000 and a criminal record. The law is clear.’


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