Bournemouth Council Waste Disposal Charge Criticised by National Landlords Association

Bournemouth Council’s plans to charge households in the private rental sector for waste disposal have been slated by the National Landlords Association (NLA) for treating tenants unfairly.

Bournemouth Council have proposed plans to implement a new system for council tax payments which will differentiate between privately rented accommodation and owner occupied properties. The changes would lead to some Bournemouth tenants in the buy to let sector being forced to pay additional charges for waste collection.

However, the NLA has argued that local authorities have a ‘responsibility toward the collection of domestic waste’ due to the fact that this has traditionally been accommodated for as part of council tax.

Chief Executive Officer at the National Landlords Association, Richard Lambert, said: ‘Tenants who already pay council tax should not be charged for services that their local authority is supposed to provide. Bournemouth Council’s waste policy is not only unfair on tenants, but it also has the potential to cause real problems in the area. If tenants do not (or cannot) pay the additional charge, this may cause a build-up of waste outside of properties, or pressure tenants to dispose of their waste elsewhere. As well as having a damaging impact on the environment, tenants may also face prosecution if they fail to dispose of waste properly.’

The NLA has sent a letter to councilors in Bournemouth in order to outline its concerns about the new legislation and its potentially detrimental effect upon the buy to let sector. A meeting has been requested in order to discuss a more ‘sustainable approach to waste disposal.’

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