Aylesbury Landlord Bemoans Council’s Lack of Help with Problem Tenant

An Aylesbury landlord has called for the district council to improve their measures to assist him after losing thousands of pounds dealing with a problem tenant.

Landlord Neil Conroy let property in a village in Aylesbury Vale to a tenant around four years ago. However, two years later the tenant allegedly contacted Environmental Health claiming there was no central heating in the property.

Under the Housing Act, Mr Conroy was ordered to make changes to the property. He explained: ‘I didn’t understand why I had to brick up the fireplace and upgrade some of the power supplies. The tenant was constantly hostile to all who worked at the property and would often not let workmen in. This resulted in the works costing about £20,000 to complete.’

Mr Conroy was later asked to sell the property by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust in 2016. However, this was complicated by his tenant developing mobility issues. The district council advised the tenant to stay in the property until they were evicted by their landlord. The tenant was eventually rehomed by the council, however by this point Mr Conroy had been forced to endure the stress of court proceedings. The property’s mess made it uninhabitable and Mr Conroy had lost significant sums of money.

He continued: ‘We have lost tens of thousands of pounds going through the courts. It not right that the council advise tenants to stay in the properties. This has happened to us so many times even when the tenant is not paying the rent.’

A council spokesman stated: ‘All dwellings need to meet the same standards regardless of whether the tenant is supported in paying their rent through housing benefit payments. Where possible we always try to work with landlords to improve defects in their properties, but we will take action if it is necessary to protect the health of occupants.’

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