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Express - Ask Sharon Residential Landlord
Express - Ask Sharon Residential Landlord

Ask Sharon Express
is a fast response email service for landlords and tenants in need of immediate independent advice on rental property issues (excluding finance and tax matters).

For a pre-payment of just £10+vat Sharon Betton, for many years a landlord adviser with the Bolton Bond Board, a private consultant and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide, will answer all email questions posed via Ask Sharon Express within 24 hours.

Her responses, which may also be posted in the ‘Ask Sharon’ section of Residential Landlord are personal opinions based on her long experience in helping landlords. Although every care is taken with replies, the advice that is given will be general in nature and landlords and tenants confronted with specific legal and technical issues are advised always to consult with professionals before taking action.

Follow up questions also cost £10 and no correspondence can be entered into other than via this service.

Ask Sharon Express, complements the free Ask Sharon service which deals with as many questions as practical but within a longer timeframe.

To proceed using this service simply click onto the PayPal button below and complete the necessary details, where after you will be directed to our Ask Sharon Express question form.

Express - Ask Sharon Residential Landlord

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