All London Boroughs Sign Up to Rogue Landlord Checker

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All 32 London boroughs have signed up to a rogue landlord database with the aim of naming and shaming any landlord breaking the rules.

The checker, which was set up by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan allows local authorities in London boroughs to submit records of prosecutions and fines against landlords. It also enables tenants to check if their landlord or agent has any previous convictions.

Sadiq Khan said: ‘When I launched the checker I made it clear unscrupulous landlords and agents would have nowhere to hide. Now, with all local authorities signed up, we have reached an important milestone in protecting London’s renters. The rental market in the capital is difficult enough to navigate without a small minority of rogue operators exploiting their tenants. This tool will empower Londoners to make an informed choice about where to live.’

He continued: ‘I’m extremely grateful for the support of all the local authorities and other bodies which have signed up to contribute their records to the database. I’m confident this will be a major step in tackling unscrupulous and illegal practices in the rented sector.’

London Fire Brigade assistant commissioner for fire safety, Dan Daly, also spoke out about the database: ‘Now that all boroughs have signed up, it means every Londoner who rents, wherever they live, will be able to find landlords and letting agents who have been successfully prosecuted or faced civil enforcement for housing offences, including those prosecuted by us for fire safety breaches. It should also act as a deterrent for the small number of dishonest landlords who pose a large risk to their tenants.’

Director of the Residential Landlords Association, Carrie Kus, said: ‘We all want to see criminal landlords rooted out of the rental market completely. It is good news therefore that the mayor’s database of rogue landlords is now in operation across the whole of London. This will give tenants the support they need to properly distinguish between the majority of law-abiding and decent landlords and those landlords who bring the sector into disrepute.’

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