Aberdeen Tenants Best at Protecting Decor in Rental Properties

Aberdeen tenants are the best in Scotland at looking after rental properties, with just 1.92 per cent of deductions made for redecoration in the region.

SafeDeposits Scotland, Scotland’s larges tenancy deposit scheme, recently completed their first annual survey of the deposit money deducted by landlords at the end of a lease. It reviewed 83,812 deposit repayments made over the last year, which accumulated to a value of £35.6m.

Dumfries tenants were found to be the worst when it came to looking after the décor of their properties, with 8 per cent deposits seeing deductions to pay for redecoration. The region also scored terribly when it came to rental arrears, with 45.33 per cent of tenancies ending on a deposit reduction for a rental dispute. The trend was again mirrored, with Aberdeen coming out on top with just 5.98 per cent of deposit reductions used for missed rent.

However, Dumfries did excel in one area, with its tenants found to be the country’s cleanest. Only 13 per cent of the region’s deposit sums saw reductions for cleanliness at the end of the tenancy.

For general damage, Edinburgh tenants were the most considerate, with just 7.85 per cent seeing a reduction in deposit, whilst Aberdeen tenants were found to be the least, with 32.56 per cent facing refund deductions for the same reason.

However, overall, 18 per cent of deposit repayments were returned intact with no deductions at all. Although 82 per cent of deposits were returned somewhat reduced, 98 per cent were given back to tenants without the need to go to adjudication.

Operations Manager of SafeDeposits Scotland, Victoria Nixon, said: ‘As we look after the majority of tenancy deposits in Scotland we have a vast amount of data regarding the Scottish private rental sector. Looking at how landlords around the country have made deductions gives a fascinating insight in to the rental market and, perhaps, the differences between us as Scots.’

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